The liberal media is back at it again, slanting a bad situation into a main talking point to progress their leftist agenda. To no one's great surprise the target of this latest attack is America's police force. Now they're trying to make a situation where an "unarmed" black man was shot and killed in an incident with police. Before the Black Lives Matter movement gets a hold of this and starts rioting and looting in the streets, it's important to know the facts.

Liberal outrage has quickly spread throughout the country at what they are calling another case of police brutality and a wrongful shooting. The black man killed in shooting is 40-year-old Terence Crutcher from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The man reportedly had his hands in the air just before he was shot. Too bad for the anti-cop left it's not exactly as the liberal media wants to make it seem.

Police have just released videos of the incident and explained how it actually went down. Now the left's anti-cop narrative that they have been trying to spin out of this is coming crashing down.

One of the videos released shows the police already several minutes into an argument with Crutcher. Crtucher had parked his car in the middle of the road stopping traffic going in both directions.

The media is claiming that his car simply broke down, but it's very peculiar position suggests otherwise. Cops were able to catch up with Crutcher and the situation immediately became drastically worse.

Reports are coming in that align with what the police helicopter officer heard at the time, that the man was on drugs during the incident. This completely changes the entire situation and immediately escalates things.

Crutcher is seen disobeying officers direct orders in the video. Crutcher did have his hands up but is clearly not complying with officers requests and is seen being chased by many concerned officers.

After a while of not listening to the officers Crutcher walked back to his car and then things really went south. He reportedly reached into the car just before he was shot and also tasered by two different officers forced to act.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the police had to take action and back up their orders with force, especially when the perp does something potentially life threatening situation.

Crutcher was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital but ended up dying of his wounds. Now the left is having a field day with this story, calling it another wrongful killing of an "unarmed" black man.

This isn't quite true. You would think that if people cared so much about 'police brutality' and are willing to start movements and post stories and videos everywhere then they might learn something.

Don't try to fight police and do as they ask or things may get out of hand. People keep trying to disobey police and are completely baffled that a cop uses force against them.

It is clear to see just how false this story that the liberals are running with is. While he may not have had a weapon at the time his decisions not to comply with police orders and reach into a car created a potentially life threatening situation for officers and civilians involved and police were forced to take action.

For the same reason you are not allowed to yell fire in a movie theater or bomb in an airport, it puts everyone at risk and creates a dangerous situation for everyone, you are supposed to comply with police orders and not force them to take action by acting in a dangerous fashion.

It's not supposed to be a fair fight and if police have to take action to keep themselves and the community safe they will. If the left really wants shootings like this to stop maybe they should educate the ones getting shot on how to interact with a police officer in a non-dangerous manner.

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Source: Mad World News


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