Sean Hannity has just blown a fuse.

As a result, he is just about ready to have a coronary over the seemingly senselessness that will lead to lethal violence, state-side, if Obama doesn’t wake up and smell the blood spilled at the hands of ISIS.

Hannity took the president and his approach to dealing with ISIS to task on his Tuesday, November 24th, radio program.

First, Hannity went after Obama’s impotence when it comes to uttering any word remotely associating Islam and violence in the same sentence, be they “'radical Islam' or 'radical islamist' or 'Islamic radicalism'. Reverse the terms any way you want. He won’t say it. Why? Not because it’s not the truth, because it sits into his left-leaning world view.”

That, and whenever something dastardly happens, the Obama go-to playbook is to blame the intelligentsia, when in fact it has nothing to do with the quality of information coming out of our intelligence quarters, and everything to do with Obama wanting to write the script by which all the world’s players are to take the stage, with him being at the center directing each of the three rings in his own nightmare circus-act. 

The only problem with Obama’s little skit is, as Hannity says, “We don’t need intelligence agencies to tell us how powerful and lethal ISIS is,” because as he goes on to point out, you can just turn on the television to catch the latest beheading.

Hannity blames the growing Caliphate on Obama’s inability to fight because his “heart’s” not in it.

“He doesn’t know how to wage war. He doesn’t even know who the enemy is. How the hell can you fight a war when you don’t know who the enemy is? You won’t admit it. My God, people are going to die over this stupidity. Americans are going to die because what happened in France is coming here, and we’re inviting them in.”

It would be so easy to nod your head and wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Hannity. However, deep in the dark places of your mind, there is another option that you might find knocking around.

One that you swat away because it makes you uncomfortable to think about and that is, the current situation is all by design.

Obama knows exactly how to wage a war, and he is choosing not to.

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