In what is a flat out act of defiance and provocation, we see in this video a group of men who were asked to leave a Florida Wal-Mart be confronted by a female officer after they failed to comply with the initial request. The men clearly lack any respect for the authority of the officer on scene, outright defying her and acting entirely too dismissive of an officers direct order. When she turns up the heat, they come right back with some strong language, but it's not until the female officer has enough and takes the man, who for whatever reason is using a motorized scooter, and places him in cuffs. The other men in the group start to invoke the name of Mike Brown, the young man at the center of the racial drama that happened in Ferguson last year. As the camera rolls, they repeatedly try and provoke the officer, who remained cool and unintimidated.

This is the culture of anti-police vitriol we have today, openly scoff at an officer's reasonable and warranted request and hope that mouthing off will bait the officer into doing something on camera so it can be used online to further smear law enforcement. Well, their plan clearly backfired. Enjoy the ride to jail, moron.

video h/t CoservativeTribune

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