Was it a hoax, a scam, or perhaps a scheme? Whatever it was leave it up to this administration to interject itself in whatever political exploitation it can utilize, and usually at the expense of America.

And so when a 14-year old does something extremely foolish and perhaps threatens the security of his school, not to mention his own well-being, who’s there to cheer him on?   Why of course the “Commander-in-Cheese”, excuse me the “Commander-in Chief” (the cheese comes later).

And of course as is the tradition within this White House anything that can be used to advance Obama’s political agenda is fair game, no matter how seamy the topic, so why not invite this Muslim kid named Ahmed Mohammed and acknowledge his accomplishment in bringing to school a “homemade clock” with wires coming out of its sides, that looked like “a not so fake bomb.”

Now of  course we all remember another staged event at the White House not so long ago, it was to celebrate the release of Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, for 5-high value terrorist prisoners.

And just like the Bergdahl scheme this incident has more than a few loose end, and I’m not referring to those loose wires coming out of this kid’s clock.

Ahmed wearing t-shirt that says "Don't judge because of my color"

Ahmed who attends MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas brought the “homemade clock” to school to show it to his engineering teacher, who in turn explained to the youth that the device looked like a possible incendiary device, and was told not to show it around.

However this is where it gets interesting, the clock began to beep in another class, and so Ahmed decided to reveal the device to the teacher, and that’s when school officials called the police. Ahmed was interrogated by officers, and then had the audacity to say about the teacher, “She thought it was a threat to her, so it was really sad that she took a wrong impression of it” and obviously another reason for Obama to invite another cheesy character to the White House.

Ahmed's father working the media

The boys father is no stranger to controversy. He has been involved in promoting the Muslim cause and has political aspirations back in Sudan where he is from. He has burned the Koran twice in protests according to the NY Daily News.

Once all the facts come together its not hard to surmise that this was a setup to manipulate the media and the oh so willing POTUS.

What do you think? Is this just a big hoax?

Source: Breitbart



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