Europe has had its fair share of 'issues' with Syrian refugees from rioting to rapes and murders, you name it they've seen it done at the hands of some of the masses of migrants flooding across their borders. That's not even counting the ISIS terrorists that are getting through and posing as refugees themselves.

Much of the chaos is due to the fact that most of these people have no respect for the people that are willingly opening up their country and their homes to try to house these refugees. Their entitled attitudes toward the country that so graciously offered them refuge and safety when no one else would is frankly sick.

Germany has had it particularly rough and it's no wonder once you see this video taken at the Syrian refugee processing center in Germany. These animals couldn't even wait until they got into the country to start tearing things apart and inciting chaos.

Check out the video from LiveLeak below:

The scene is one of absolute disorder and complete chaos. The refugees are seen beating each other senseless seemingly without any clear sides at all. They use chairs and other furniture scattered about the room to beat whoever is nearest to them.

It's no wonder people want to not let in a pack of animals like this into their country. Here they are only beating up each other but do you think any German wants a group of these savage migrants coming into their shop and terrorizing the customers and civilians with their own furniture? Very Unlikely.

Yet Obama wants to just open up our borders to anyone and everyone that wants in. Most likely the majority of Americans don't want to see a pack of savages like these running down the street and attacking Americans left and right.

Luckily, Trump knows the potential dangers that a completely open door policy could bring and plans to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis in the best way possible.

We can only hope that after the much awaited exit of Barrack Obama this country can catch a break and be lucky enough to have Trump come in and make America great again.

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