Retired Lt. General William G. Boykin, is a Delta Force hero. General Boykin served his country well, and for that we express our infinite gratitude for his service to our land.

General Boykin is also the Executive Vice-President of the Family Research Council. Recently, General Boykin had the opportunity to speak with Tony Perkins, of the Washington Watch, and discuss the implications of Sharia coming to the United States.. During his interview, the General put forth the following:

“Islam is only about 16% religion -- that has to be protected, the five pillars of Islam.”

That may come as a shock to many. It may even assuage your fears regarding potential Jihad and establishment of a Caliphate in the homeland. However, it is the underpinnings of that 16% that are cause for concern.

“But it [the religion of Islam] is first and foremost a legal system called Sharia.”

He went on to add;

“And if you survey most of the Muslims in America, even though they’re not violent, they don’t participate in jihad, and if you ask them if they would support the implementation of Sharia, sadly, recent polls show that they would support the implementation of Sharia.”

Why would somebody support something like that?

That would be like saying the Jewish people would continue to support and lobby for on-going crucifixion of Christians. Muslim support of Islamic tenets of Sharia Law is unbelievable and illogical at face value.

As the General points out, we have seen this sort of theocratic rule in America via the cults of Warren Jeffs, who bastardized the Mormon faith, and David Koresh, who made up his own version of Christianity.

Each a violent perversion of their respect belief systems. Islam is by far the most violent of all.

The ramifications for the rise of the Sharia Law system of governance in America are horrific, as stated by General Boykin;

“Today, that means the destruction of the U.S. Constitution.”

That is utterly unacceptable and We the People need to do everything we legally can to ensure such a thing never comes to pass.

Source: CNS News


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