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In a story so ridiculous that it sounds like it belongs in the Darwin Awards (parody awards given to people for doing stupid things) police were able to track down teenagers who had committed over twenty-five robberies because the teens had made a movie and gloated about their thefts.

Four Fort Lauderdale, Florida teenagers had been stealing and robbing from houses for a while, but made their biggest mistake when they crashed a stolen car and fled from the scene.

Inside the car, they left a camcorder video recorder which the teenagers had used to record them showing off the results of their robberies and laughing together in the stolen car.

Video clips from the camcorder show the teens fanning out handfuls of twenty dollar bills and laughing as they throw bills on the car seat beside them. In the video, bills are seen strewn across the ground and the hands holding the money are bedecked with gold rings and bracelets.

That bragging, however, is part of what helped police find the boys. Because they had cataloged their exploits by film, the police were able to tie the boys' actions to burglaries around the area.


The teens have been charged with grand theft auto and other crimes--though not for the crime of being dumb enough to record their gloating after committing the crimes.

If more thieves and robbers acted like these young men, perhaps the role of "detective" would disappear altogether and everyday people would be able to arrest criminals.

It seems hard to believe that people who are trying to get away with a crime would make a video tying and connecting themselves to that crime. Maybe the rise of theft-oriented video games has made young teenagers oblivious to the facts of life regarding crime. If you commit a crime you are more than likely going to get caught. That's just the way life is.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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