There is increasing dysfunction on college campuses around the country as students and even some faculty veer wildly from demanding safe spaces stocked with puppies and coloring books as comfort measures to deal with the election of Donald Trump and the defeat of Hillary Clinton to protests that turn violent as invited speakers are shouted down and banned for the cardinal sin of expressing an opinion the students don’t want to hear.

In the midst of the childish whining that accompanied students forcing professors to cancel final exams because they created stress for students dealing with the election results and requiring “trigger warnings” before reading “Huckleberry Finn” or “To Kill a Mockingbird” lest they be exposed to the “N” word in historical context, Louisiana politician Elbert Lee Guillory has recorded a message for the children he says are being used by big government forces.

Guillory, an African-American who served on the Democrat side of the aisle as a Louisiana State Senator before switching to become a Republican, speaks with the eloquence of Southern common sense blended with a law degree from Rutgers University.

His 3:40 video could help the young people take a step towards independent judgment and more meaningful engagement in the political process – if students actually watch and listen to the message.

Guillory pulls no punches in calling out students for “throwing around the word ‘fascism’” as he cites examples of protesters, “silencing political speech, physically attacking those with divergent views, demanding that every American share one single ideology.”

“The University of California. Berkeley. In 1964, that campus was the birthplace of the free speech movement. Those days are gone.

On the first of February, the students from Berkeley broke out into a full-fledged riot to stop the speech of Milo Yannopoulos, who was an invited guest to the campus.

These delinquents broke windows, set fires, physically assaulted other students who were in line waiting to hear the speech of Milo, a 33-year-old openly gay Jewish journalist. An immigrant.

A couple of days later, the same thing happened at NYU, to comedian Gavin McInnes, also an immigrant. Gavin was pepper-sprayed. A professor actually demanded that the police act with violence to beat up Mr. McInnes.

These protesters have convinced themselves that they are anti-fascist… but who is really acting like fascists? Who is silencing political speech?”

The former Democrat is winning praise for what some media are calling his “tough love message” because he does not merely call the students out on their stance that verges on real fascism, but explains to them that they are being used – and isn’t afraid to tell them who is exploiting them.

“.. sadly, the real truth is that these violent agitators have little idea about why they march.

Theirs is a movement with no cause, a temper tantrum with no purpose. They are a generation lost in space… a propaganda arm of the party of disappointment.

These rioters are being manipulated by big government forces who need them to regain political power…” 

The 72-year-old has served his country in the military and in the complicated state politics of his Louisiana, and knows his history, pointing out to his intended audience that although they are enchanted with socialism, it has been “tested time and again with the same result” and names Lenin, Mao and Ché as “history’s greatest failures.”

But Guillory’s message is not all scold – he offers young voters a part in the “revolution happening right now in Europe and America,” inviting them to become a part of a movement by citizens who are tired of “their freedoms being trodden upon” and are “crying out for personal freedom.”

It should be a powerful message for young people looking for their own path, seeking their own destiny and their role in their world.

But that would require them listening to someone they are conditioned to silence for fear of being exposed to a differing opinion.

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