A former double agent who infiltrated al Qaeda for the CIA has opened up about the deadly danger former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exposed United States intelligence operatives to when she deliberately bypassed government regulations in favor of using a “home-brew” server for her email communications, adding fresh concerns to the human cost of her decision.

Morten Storm, co-author of the book, “Agent Storm: My life inside al qaeda and the CIA,” said if he had thought that the United States was “playing with my security, I wouldn’t have worked with them. It is so destructive, what she has done to the future of American intelligence and the sources of human intel on the front line and people who get exposed, even by mistake – they die. I had a friend in Syria, he got killed.”

Although State Department officials are quick to claim that the exact identity of the individual was not revealed in highly classified emails transmitted by Clinton, it is acknowledged that so-called “human source information” was contained in the communications that could lead to the death of agents.

“Hillary Clinton has played Russian Roulette with the lives of these brave men and women who protect America, who put their lives at risk,” said Storm.

When asked if even mere suspicion could result in the death of a human intelligence source, Storm responded, “Suspicion – they will send you to the front line and they will test you in a very horrific way and there are chances for you to get killed.”

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has made the assertion that the Russians and Chinese “absolutely” hacked into Hillary Clinton’s private server during her tenure as Secretary of State, prompting the spy to add, “If people come across leaked information, it can be a death sentence.”

Storm said the fact that Clinton “shows no remorse is mind-blowing.”



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