America began as a grouping of independent states that came together to support common values and freedoms. The original 13 colonies disagreed on many issues, but came together through compromise to ratify the Constitution and accept a federal government.

As part of that acceptance, however, the Founding Fathers understood that their individual states would retain sovereignty and the power to control their own, individual states' destinies.

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President Obama, it seems, has forgotten these lessons of history.

In an unprecedented move, President Obama has decided to ignore the misgivings of South Carolina's governor Nikki Haley, and to open the doors of the Southern state to Syrian refugees. Though Haley initially supported taking in refugees, after the world witnessed the Paris terrorist attacks and saw how "refugees" use open borders as an opportunity to penetrate with malicious intent, Haley decided to shut down the refugee program.

The federal government, however, had other plans.

Without even telling the governor or her office, President Obama's administration moved two Syrian refugees into the South Carolina town of Midlands. As a reminder, it was a Syrian "refugee" who was one of the terrorists in Paris.

The South Carolina refugees have been shuttled in by religious-affiliated groups, but these groups also vied for contracts from the federal government to bring in refugees. Those contracts are worth millions of dollars, all funded by American taxpayers.

What's worse about the situation is the fact that Obama wasn't even the first to notify South Carolina officials that Syrian refugees were in their state. They had to learn about the influx from members of the media.

If President Obama doesn't have the guts to notify state governors of his plans to migrate Syrians into their states, he doesn't deserve to make any decisions regarding their placement. Just because he doesn't have the strength to argue against these very angry governors doesn't mean he should be allowed to continue to circumvent the original intent of the Constitution.

h/t: WND

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