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As you may have seen in one of our earlier stories, truck drivers are having a terrible time navigating the roadways between major destinations in Europe due to the hundreds of 'refugees' flooding onto the roadways, who are stopping traffic and trying to jump aboard slow-moving trucks stuck in their wake.

That is when they aren't try to rob them outright. Stories of vandalism and violence against truckers in Europe is becoming a weekly if not daily occurence.

Well one truck driver seems to have come up with a way to keep prying hands and feet off the back of his rig. By lining the exposed toeholds and other exposed areas with raw pork.

Ok it's sure funny to laugh at, but the more scary thought that may be crossing your mind is that some of these refugees must have succeeded at this and have gone who knows where. Not only that, if a trucker is found to have stowaways, they could be liable for fines and even imprisonment. Wow, how unfair is that?

So much for keeping track of these so-called 'refugees', all men of course. Even the very small portion that have already came into the U.S. have gone missing. What a hot mess.

More evidence of what's to come should we open the floodgates here. Scarry.



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