A shadowy group of leftist neerdowells who go by the Twitter hashtag #DisruptJ20 has been caught "red" handed so to speak in a plot to violently disrupt and shut down Donald Trump's inaugural festivities with stink bombs -- all in the name of democracy, of course.

In a recent online video expose by Project Veritas, the group of investigators managed to uncover the malodorous #DisruptJ20 conspiracy and immediately brought their evidence to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

The video also exposes plans by #DisruptJ20 and other neo-liberal and cultural Marxist organizations like the DCAntifascist Coalition to disrupt the Trump inaugural ball, pejoratively referred to as the "Deploraball."

This is the leftward state of America's political system in 2017. It makes former presidents JFK and Jimmy Carter look like staunch conservatives.

When a candidate is viewed as preferable to the left and comes out the winner in an election, the left calls it democracy. The "fascist" loser must concede electoral defeat with honor and grace.

But when it's the other way around, as with raging Hillary last November, then it's war by any means necessary.

#DisruptJ20's Twitter credo is laughable: "We reject all forms of domination and oppression, organize by consensus, and embrace a diversity of tactics."

Let's take a look at one of these resistance tactics uncovered by Project Veritas. #DisruptJ20 organizers Colin Dunn and Scott Green are filmed calmly discussing the unleashing of Butyric acid at Trump inaugural events.

Butryic acid is a highly noxious chemical. In sufficient amounts it is capable of dispersing large gatherings of people very quickly.

One #DisruptJ20 organizer is overheard in the Project Veritas expose saying that the goal of the anti-Trump inaugural campaign is to create one "giant cluster f--k."

What these neo-Marxists were caught planning to do was pure domestic terrorism on an unprecedented scale in U.S. politics. By alerting the FBI, Project Veritas may have averted a national catastrophe on Trump's inauguration day.

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Source: Louder with Crowder



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