For those “old school” dads who grew up in the 50’s, this is a “no brainier” in that confronting those individuals that would put your child at risk was a parent’s solemn duty.

And usually a face to face and about an inch of daylight between the two, was all that was needed as a warning, to convince that individual to leave your child alone, however there were occasions that a “friendly warning” didn’t seem to do the trick, and perhaps this dad decided to dispense a little “frontier justice" to the drug dealer who was helping his little girl get high on meth and weed, and beat him “hopefully” to a pulp.

The video footage captures the irate dad barging into the house, as the apparent drug dealer is just chilling out, listening to some ZBB and seemingly strung out, and within a split second this dad is all over this punk, throwing punches while (I assume), mom is trash talking in the background.

The video lasts just over a minute; however this irate dad must have thrown over 50-punches at this cowering individual, who was pleading with the dad, and insisting it wasn’t he that got his daughter high.

Obviously no one should take the law into their own hands, the confrontation could have ended a lot worse, however that bond between a father and daughter is something special, and not to be fooled with.

Source: Live Leak



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