Raheel Raza, a two-decade long human rights activist and Muslim woman. She has recently prepared a video lecture that educates viewers as to the violent side of Islam.

In this video she is offering an “open, honest and fact based discussion” regarding the common denominator of global terrorism; radical Islam. She makes the distinction that Islam, the world’s fasted growing religion, and that of the radicalized terror groups we are contending with on a global scale, are mirror images of one faith.

Her lecture is “not a conversation about Islam”, but that of “radical Islam” as there is a distinction between the two.

Her first point, is that fear of being termed racist has contributed to the loss of life, to include the very recent attack in San Bernardino, California.

Fear of public persecution if you see something and say something is precluding discussion regarding the radical side of Islam.

In fact, she herself has a death warrant on her head for speaking out against radical Islam, terrorist groups, who torture and murder “In the name of [her] god,” and who “seek to take over the world in the name of [her] religion.”

You will learn of the three “circles” of Islam, to include 40,000-200,000 ISIS Jihadis, plus hundreds of thousands more aligned with equally violent terrorist groups. 

Given that this religion will likely surpass Christianity is terms of numbers of the faith within the 21st century, this is a must see video for all.

Be advised there are some graphic images, thus parental guidance is suggested.

Source: Mad World News


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