Sounding more like the Mafia, then a political party the GOP establishment has a new strategy to ‘rub out” the frontrunner, one Donald Trump. The not so secretive strategy involves infiltrating his inner circle, gaining his confidence and then “whacking him” or to use a more politically correct term, discrediting his policies, thus his popularity among the voters.

However what the “establishment” seems to ignore it that, it isn’t so much the exact policies of “The Donald” but his willingness to address the serious issues facing America, head on, without a politically correct filter that marginalize the issue, until it becomes homogenized, simply put more "political speech".

And apparently that’s exactly what GOP political consultant Alex Castellanos acknowledged in an interview, stating: “He’s grown. He started off as the anti-Washington candidate, the angry man’s candidate, now he’s becoming not just an anti-them vote but a pro-him. He’s becoming the Make America Great Again candidate and that gives him room for growth.”

He continued; “Anybody who discounts Donald Trump, he’s going to be around through the convention now, I think is making a mistake.”

He was then asked how Trump could be “taken down” he compared the effort to how Brutus murdered Caesar.  “Get real close, snuggle up, and shiv him in the ribs”.

Clip of Alex Castellanos's strategy to stop Trump

h/t: Breitbart

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