Looks like we might have an administrative mutiny on our hands in the coming months.

As the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wraps up its investigation of the former Secretary of State, Hillary “server in the loo” Clinton, there are rumblings that all their work will be for naught.

The FBI and the rest of the intelligence community are saying that the Justice Department might want to rethink no-action against Clinton.

“…If the attorney general were to decide that there would not be an indictment, I can assure you that the FBI and the intelligence community would go ballistic,” said former U.S. Attorney, District of Columbia, Joseph diGenova to Newsmax.

In fact, should the evidence that is mounting against Clinton be disregarded, which diGenova does not believe Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, can do, then the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA, “…will do some incredible leaking that will burn your ears.”

Geez! It’s almost like way deep down in that dark place inside of you, you kind of want Lynch to be so stupid. Who could this leaked information be about? 

What is it about?

If Lynch does decide to pursue legal action against Clinton, which she should, we can all hope that those leaks will come out anyway, right?

Source: Conservative Tribune


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