One of “The Few and The Proud,” Michael Whaley, veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, has taken to the public airwaves with a video regarding the shameful actions of the BlackLivesMatter movement.

He originally posted a video along these lines on his Facebook page, only to have it removed, without notice. Facebook’s attempt to censor him have proven fruitless, however, because he made a follow-up video and posted it on YouTube.

Whaley is promoting AllLivesMatter because the BlackLivesMatter movement promotes racism. He begins with telling the thugs of the movement that they were not around 400 years ago, during the age of worldwide slavery, and they can lay no claim to the era or allow it to have control over their lives. He then takes the protesters to task over the shooting execution of Texas Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth and the drive-by shooting death of 9-year old Jamyla Bolden. Each of their lives’ mattered, said Whaley.

His response to his critics who call him things like “house ni***r” is a challenge;

“Man, check this out. [I got] I had drill instructors in boot camp that had better insults than y’all. [So when] so come up with some better insults then get back at me.”

He then goes on to say that he does not have many black supporters, because,

“black people can’t accept the truth about themselves. Black people admitting to the truth is like they’re snitching on themselves and black people have a no snitching rule.”

That truth; black people and white people fought for black peoples’ civil rights.

Why are black people’s lives messed up? For the record, he is speaking of criminals; “…because black people do dumb crimes.” In stern-faced finger-wagging admonishment he adds, “You are responsible for the decisions you make in your life,” and that nobody is born a racist.

All people of different races, particularly in the military continue to die for black people’s and white people’ rights, liberties, and freedoms in this country, and we should be like the military, color blind, and be a family, and he is absolutely correct.

He says he will pray for the folks involved in the BlackLivesMatter movement, as should we all.

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