Jeb Bush is facing a lot of push-back against his presidential campaign, and a lot of it simply has to do with his last name--Bush.

The name Bush brings back memories of 9/11, the Iraq War, and countless moments when Jeb's older brother made a fool out of himself. So it's understandably been hard for him to escape the mantle, good or bad, of his father and brother.

That task has just been made harder because Jeb's mother, Barbara Bush, said that she didn't think he should run for president.

In an attack ad funded by Donald Trump's campaign, a reporter asks Barbara if she'd like to see her son run for president.

In the clip, there is no hesitation as she says, emphatically, "No."

"There are other people out there who are very qualified," Barbara continued. "We've had enough Bushes."

"Mother knows best, Jeb!" said the text of the ad at the end.

While it can be hard to trust everything that one hears or sees in an attack ad, especially one that is so short--the whole clip was posted on Instagram and takes less than 15 seconds--Jeb must be fuming at his mother's vote of no confidence in her son.

But even though the clip is found in an attack ad, something does ring true in Barbara's pronouncement that "We've had enough Bushes." America is ready for change, just look at the massive rise in popularity behind Trump, and perhaps another Bush in the White House won't fulfill that change quite like Americans are looking for.

And while some might criticize the attack ad for being just a piece of mudslinging, the fact remains that the audio and video of Barbara saying that she didn't want her son to run had to come from somewhere.

Jeb, maybe it's time to rethink your campaign, if even your own mother thinks you should drop out.

h/t: Freedom Outpost

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