This one Muslim brat thought she could yell whatever she wants and nobody would do a thing about it. This is not that surprising considering how the moronic left is trying to create a world where nobody can take issue with anything, unless it's guns or Christianity.

Unfortunately for this entitled woman she mouthed off to the wrong soldiers and they put her right in her place with this awesome response.

Muslims like these flourish due to the idiotic liberals that insist that it is a religion of peace. These are the same liberals that are willing to come after anyone who calls these people out for what they really are. So while we're all trying to fend off the onslaught of Islam's liberal drones people are being raped and slaughtered in the name of the 'peaceful' religion, Islam.

However, in Israel it is a different story. They're not afraid to tell these brats exactly how it is and that's something this woman had to learn the hard way.

When this Muslim lady at the bus stop decided she was above having to listen to the law of the land and refused to show a pair of soldiers her idea she got a serious reality check.

According to Israeli News First, a Palestinian woman was at a bus stop and was asked by a pair of EDF soldiers to present her ID. She decided to refuse the soldiers more than reasonable request in typical jihad fashion. The woman unveiled a cleaver that she had hidden under her burka and charged wildly at the soldiers.

She jumped at the soldiers and tried to stab them several times. Unfortunately for her she brought a knife to a gun fight.

The soldiers were able to quickly draw their weapons and fire several shots into the terrorist eliminating the threat. It is likely that she had planned the entire attack seeing as Palestinians have a deep hatred for IDF soldiers.

If this same thing had happened in America the police would have been chastised and the terrorist seen as a victim due to the liberal parasites that have infested our country and spread their lies and moral corruption.

It's about time we take back our country and remind ourselves who we are and who we came from. We didn't get to be the great nation that we have been by catering to the very people who want to destroy us. It's time we make America great again!

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Source: Mad World News


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