Emma Thompson is a gifted actress. She has graced the silver screen and garnered many an award, including an Oscar.

However, nothing comes close to the prize for peskiness that this elitist little twit recently received. Ms. Thompson has a thing for fracking.  Her thing is that she doesn’t like it.

In violation of a court injunction, Ms. Thompson and her equally idiotic and belligerent sister, Sophie, decided to do what liberals do best—whatever they want.

Screw the rule of law when it is a law not to your liking, right? So, yes, Emma and Sophie and a whole bunch of their equally stupid cohorts trespassed onto a farmer’s field in an effort to protest his allowing his land to be uses for fracking activities.

Their protest effort was to film a Great British Bake Off parody called, Frack Free Bake Off, for none other than Greenpeace.

Well, the farmer told Ms. Thompson and her entourage that they could “FRACK OFF!” in no uncertain terms.

He fired up his tracker and fertilizer spreader and proceed to drive rings around the group and hose them with the same poo they try to spew out onto all of us.

Who knows what came of all of this. It’s just fun to watch!

Source: Mad World News


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