Typically a courtroom isn't the place you'd expect to see a violent brawl break out. There are lots of police officers present and most judges keep a tight rein on who can approach the stand.

The fact, then, that a video has surfaced of a courtroom brawl is odd and interesting, though the story behind the fight is more tragic than laughable.

Dwayne Smith is the father of a 3-year-old girl who was killed by a man, Clifford Thomas, and Smith's girlfriend, the mother of his daughter. Thomas and Smith's girlfriend were romantically involved, further heightening the tension.

The 3-year-old died from multiple blunt force trauma injuries and Smith was present at court, according to the Detroit Free Press, to give a statement about how his daughter's death impacted his life.

Smith did more than just give a statement, however.

Coming from behind Thomas, the father punched him hard enough to knock Thomas into the judge's stand. Officers who were standing by immediately jumped into the fray, grabbing both Thomas and Smith from behind and preventing any other tussles from breaking out.

In the end, Thomas, the murderer, didn't move forward with prosecuting Smith, the father--something he could have done after being violently attacked. Perhaps it was his sense of justice, or maybe the fact that Thomas was sentenced to 8 to 15 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Smith's daughter.

And though the police officers were quick to jump in and stop the fight from escalating, you have to wonder if they were also happy to see a man stand up for his daughter.

The encounter was short, but it's obvious that Smith was contemplating how he could confront his daughter's killer. Though violence isn't always the best way, it's hard to keep from cheering for this father and the retribution he brings to the man who killed his daughter.

h/t: Daily Caller


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