As European leaders argue policy about how to deal with hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees flooding into Europe, the people face the very real consequences of the unchecked migration.

In addition to the seemingly endless lines of refugees, photographs of the cities and countryside across Europe also show the wake of debris and filth left behind as the migrants move across the continent.

Not only do the immigrants leave behind mounds of trash in the form of plastic bottles, but the trails of garbage and human excrement

I follow the trash,” said one young Syrian man. “It makes it very easy to find the right way to go.

In Belgrade, the city has converted parks and other public areas into refugee camps, which have rapidly turned into cesspools of garbage, rotting food, raw sewage that attract rats, roaches and insects.

Humanitarian aid including food and tents is left behind.

Local residents are concerned about disease. “To be honest, I’m scared of disease in those camps and I’m afraid for our children around here,” said one.

Tiny Nickelsdorf, Austria, a town of 1,600 an hour from Vienna on the border with Hungary, is dealing with trails of trash and human excrement, which presents a serious health risk for the local residents.

Although the migrants were provided with portable toilets, they were left “filthy and unusable” according to city officials who are comparing the situation to stories about the Russian Army’s march through the region after the end of World War II.

“We have been left completely defenseless by our government,” one man told reporters.

Dutch leader Geert Wilders has declared the migration “an Islamic invasion that threatens our prosperity, our security, our culture and identity.”

Reports cast the thousands as families simply trying to escape the violence in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East to find a better life in Europe, while photographs reveal the refugees are predominantly young men.

Muslims are urged by the Quran and the Hadith – the collection of Muhammad’s statements – to engage in hijrah, the practice of immigrating to a non-Muslim country for the purpose of spreading the faith and subjugating resident non-believers.


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