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Photographer Ethan Andrews has filmed with a drone an amazing tribute of the funeral procession of Marine Lance Cpl. Skip Wells. The video captures the outpour of support and the emotion of the procession as the marines body was taken to Sprayberry High School, for a public memorial that included a military flyover.

Marine Lance Cpl. Skip Wells was killed in a terrorist attack in Chattanooga.

Wells was one of five soldiers killed in a terrorist’s attack on two military sites on July 16 in Chattanooga.

Marine First Sgt. John E. Coyne, who knew Wells after he first enlisted had fitting words to commemorate him.

“He was what we call a hard charger, He cared more about his fellow Marines and the mission than he did about himself,” Coyne said.

Coyne promised to Wells' mother, “Mrs. Wells, you will forever be a part of the Marine Corps family. We will not leave you behind.”

h/t: WSBTV


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