It's not often that the FBI gets a chance to practice their terrorism response skills at zero risk but under real-life situations. Thankfully everyone came out of the strange situation that unfolded at a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania FBI facility Tuesday.

According to officials, a 48-year-old man attempted to drive a large truck into an FBI facility. The man told police that he had a bomb inside the vehicle and then proceeded to ram his truck through the security gate at the FBI facility in Pittsburgh.

Before getting to the facility, Thomas Richard Ross, the driver of the vehicle, ran eight red lights and was pulled over by a police officer. The officer reported that Ross was "acting erratically, claiming to have a bomb." But instead of submitting to police, Ross jammed his foot on the gas pedal and slammed into the FBI security barrier.

Thankfully the FBI is ready for such things.

In just an instant, Ross's truck was met with the anti-terrorism barriers that high security buildings are known for. A large steel panel rose off the ground and acted as a ramp for Ross's truck. He stood no chance and briefly went airborne before slamming into a nearby telephone pole.

FBI officers then tackled Ross and searched his truck for explosives, finding nothing.

This is the strangest case of homegrown terrorism that we've come across yet, especially because Ross didn't have a bomb, yet still did everything he could to attack the FBI. Even when he was being escorted to the waiting arms of the police, he tried to break free and run for it.

An FBI investigator said that there's no terrorism link as far as they can tell.

"There’s no nexus to terrorism at all from what we know now. There’s no reason to believe that was the case."

We can only hope that Ross was simply a madman who wanted to take down the FBI. But it's also likely he was just a test case and that we should now be on our guard for more attacks like these.

h/t: WKBN

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