No doubt that a successful mega businessman like Donald Trump would have the instincts to weed out and expose those phonies when doing business, however with all due respect to “The Donald”, Sharpton his like a neon sign, that keeps blinking on and off “CORRUPT!”

However what sets “The Donald” apart from the others is that he says what’s on the mind of others, unafraid and unapologetic, as was the case when recently interviewed on Fox News’ Fox and Friends, and completely laid into Race Ambassador Al Sharpton, who has received increased criticism over the last couple years, specifically for inserting himself into the conversations involving Trayvon Marting, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray.

Trump explained that Sharpton could be seen as a con man who has spent years misleading the public.

He pointed out the Towana Browly case as evidence of this, a case that proved Sharpton to be a liar when he and his associates alleged that the authorities were responsible for the rape of teenage African-American Towana Browly.

The claims that she had been raped were discredited when her story began to fell apart.

That same unabashed candor is what makes “The Donald” a formidable force within the world of politics and has skyrocketed his campaign to the head of the Republican pack of presidential candidates, many believe, due to his ability of speaking his mind and saying exactly what he believes.

He doesn’t worry about the political incorrectness of his plan of registering Islamic refugees in a database.

He doesn’t worry about hurting the feelings of illegal aliens who have or plan to take advantage of America’s porous Southern Border by declaring that he would build a wall.


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