While military conspiracy theorists have had a heyday with the upcoming Jade Helm 2015 military exercises in the Southwestern United States, a recent press briefing by a Jade Helm official revealed what some believe to be a hidden plot inside the military activity to practice assaulting American citizens.

Tom Meade, a retired Senior Non-Commissioned Officer from the Army spoke in Big Springs, Texas about the upcoming military exercise and accidentally revealed some new information that has people buzzing.

While previous public briefings had been explicit that Jade Helm would only be conducted in seven states (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas), Meade let slip that Navy Seals will be conducting their own operations over Louisiana and Mississippi. While military apologists might say that this is simply an extension of the exercise and that the majority of the exercise will take place in the original seven states, the fact remains that this news is just now coming out.

Other information learned from Meade's press conference is that citizens in the areas where Jade Helm is being run might be asked to participate in the proceedings by being "role players" and helping soldiers exist in a guerrilla war-like state. Examples were giving soldiers rides in horse trailers in the middle of the night and helping them move around "in a clandestine manner."

It's clear that the military is overstepping their bounds when they're asking regular citizens to help in their exercises and to put their lives in harms way for a simple training exercise. It is revelations like this that continue to fuel the public's distrust of the Jade Helm exercises.

I can understand why a military training exercise might need to be kept secret from the soldiers participating, so as to give them the most realistic training scenario possible. But it's important that the public be made aware so citizens can plan for strange circumstances.

For the military to regain the trust of American citizens, they need to reveal more information to the citizens about the proposed training exercise. Otherwise, it might simply be boycotted altogether.

h/t: Freedom Outpost


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