Talk about a captive audience. You really have to wonder if those folks wanted to be there, in attendance at the last CNN Democrat presidential debate. 

Why would you ask this? Well, in the video link provided you will see the candidate, Bernie Sanders, take the stage to the podium. The crowd goes wild. They are chanting, waving their signs, whooping it up.

The only problem with this little scenario is it is not real. It is not real in the sense that this was a dry-run for clapping.

That’s right, the crowd had to be coached in how to properly applaud. Seriously. How many of you have been to a venue of any kind where applause is just rote? A concert perhaps? Maybe a play?

Maybe you have even had the opportunity to attend a political rally or town hall. Now, how many of you had to be rehearsed in how to clap?

Probably not too many of you. What a sad statement for the Democrats. Their audience had to be schooled in how to clap.

If ever there was an election cycle where the liberal candidates are not feeling the love this is it.

Yet, there the Democrat lemmings are—in the audience, waiting for their potential next master and overlord to pull their strings and control every aspect of their lives. Beginning with clapping. "Heil-ing" shouldn't be too far behind.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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