A recent video clip that has been going viral on the internet and social media shows a Texas law officer taking a young black woman to the ground amid other swim-suit clad teenagers in response to a police call at a pool party.

That officer has since resigned, but some Texans are taking his actions as the final straw in what they see as a racially tinged story of injustice with the police on one side of the issue and black Americans on the other.

In response to this recent video clip that has surfaced, a Dallas pastor, Reverend Ronald Wright, alluded to the growing tide of violence that could be unleashed against the police.

"We're setting the stage for a terrorist attack in this country. . . . It's going to be us against these injustice [sic] law officers," he said.

Wright is the leader of a civil rights group in Texas who call themselves Justice Seekers Texas. That group stands up for civil rights and a plethora of other issues, and gets involved when they feel that injustice is being perpetrated.

In later comments Wright amended his comments and said that he wasn't talking about an upcoming terrorist attack of Americans versus police forces. He said his comments "weren't a threat against police."

But there is really no other way to take Wright's comments if you analyze the context and look at the words he spoke. Write talked about terrorists being involved in the attack, not ISIS, but USIS, were his words--a play on terrorists from the United States enacting terrorist acts like ISIS.

While the pastor may be justified in calling for injustice to end and for police brutality, especially among unarmed, underage teenagers dressed in bikinis, to be punished, predicting terrorist attacks against U.S. soil is taking the issue too far.

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