The Chevron where the Harris County, Texas, Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth, was executed by the black supremacist racist, Shannon Miles, became a mecca of sorts for those that mourn, and those that wished to pay their respects to Goforth’s family in humbled gratitude for his service.

Race and color had no place at the Chevron that day.

They crowd prayed the Lord’s Prayer, which is one of thanks, grace, a request for guidance, and mercy. When interviewed, members of the crowd reflected the sentiment. Whether it was a black man who always wanted to be a police officer, and who found this killing utterly senseless, to the white man who is horrified that something like this happened in his community that was thought to be a safe place.

Two women were present to support our men in blue, who put their lives on the line, and are now the targets of hatred of those that have a “vendetta” against authority. Anger was present, particularly at our President who remains silent because it was a white man killed and not a black man.

The most important feature of the video is that it reflects the behavior of the majority of our nation’s citizens, regardless of color.

As demonstrated at the Chevron that day, most people are not angry racists. Most people do not despise law enforcement.

Unfortunately, we are a nation led by a rabble-rousing street gutter agitator who can’t be bothered with paying his respects for those that sacrifice their lives.

No, we are led by a man who would rather rile up the masses, encourage a racist subset of the black community to engage in deadly violence.

However, all that being said, the people of Harris County, Texas, demonstrated on that day, what it means to be an American. A true American is colorblind, peaceful, and ever thankful for our freedoms, and grateful for our nation’s heroes in uniform, whether abroad or at home in our own communities.

Mrs. Goforth, know that American hearts ache for you and your family. We are humbled by your husband’s service, horrified at his death, and will be praying for your peace.

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