"Hi, I'm the new guy."

And with those words former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson became America's 69th Secretary of State on Thursday.

Tillerson was President Trump's top choice for this key position formerly held by the disgraced Hillary Clinton. We can hope for, and we can expect, far better things from Secretary Tillerson, who believes honesty must be behind America's foreign policy from now on.

Dishonesty and outright deception were at the heart of Secretary Clinton and the historic role she played in the deaths of four American diplomats during the Benghazi attack in 2012.

Tillerson comes with more than 40 years of professional experience as an engineer, diplomat, and head of one of the world's leading oil companies. He was Exxon's point man in Russia during the Boris Yeltsin years and has the corporate connections needed for mending relations with the world's largest country spanning 12 time zones.

Democrats have tried but have not been able to exploit Tillerson's Russia ties to prove the lame assertion that Trump is the stooge of Vladimir Putin.

Tillerson, an Eagle Scout, was a distinguished volunteer member of the Boy Scout of America, serving as national president from 2010 to 2012. Religious conservatives, however, are still upset with Tillerson over his open support of allowing gays in the organization.

Says Wikipedia: "After the end of his term as BSA president, he remained on the organization's National Executive Board. There he played a significant role in the board's 2013 decision to rescind the long-standing ban on openly gay youth as members."

According to Center for Strategic and International Studies president John Hamre, Tillerson was instrumental in the change and "a key leader in helping the group come to a consensus," Wikipedia adds.

Whatever position one might have on that issue, the fact remains that Tillerson is a proven leader and light years ahead of Hillary Clinton in terms of personal and professional integrity. Trump's choice of Tillerson as Secretary of State was a good one.

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Source: Daily Caller



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