Sometimes you read a news story about a person doing something so bizarre and so wrong that it doesn't seem possible that someone could actually have done those things. Last week in Indianapolis, Indiana, a man caught in the most bizarre act ever.

Matthew Russ is a 25-year-old man who was visiting his girlfriend's house outside of Indianapolis in the late morning. After his girlfriend left, Russ stole the keys to her car and began a series of unbelievable actions.

First, he drove down his girlfriend's street smashing through fences and wreaking havoc until he crashed into a telephone utility pole and totaled the car.

After walking away from the crash, Russ apparently went back to his girlfriend's home and sat in a collapsible chair while holding a butcher knife until police responded to the situation.

When the police arrived, Russ ran into his girlfriend's empty house and began acting, "very bizarre," according to police who witnessed the scene. After spending some time in the back rooms of the house, Russ moved to the upstairs bathroom where he was visible to the police who had surrounded the home.

It soon became apparent that Russ had set fire to his girlfriend's house. But when police officers and firefighters tried to convince Russ to get off he roof of his girlfriend's home, he started dancing on her roof as the smoke and flames engulfed the building.

Police had to resort to using nonlethal means to get Russ off the roof because he kept kicking away the ladders that firefighters were attempting to use.

After being tased and shot with rubber bullets, police officers were finally able to clear Russ from the roof of the burning home.

Of course he will face charges of criminal wrongdoing, but you have to wonder just what the judge will say when he hears that the man before him set fire to his girlfriend's house and danced on the roof.

h/t: KEYE TV

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