We all remember Mr. Rogers, right?  “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

Well, how would you like to live next to, or rent to, this fine example of a neighbor as seen in this video? In this age of Black Lives Matter and the violence of black on white attacks, as a white person, how comfortable would be with this psychopath black woman as your neighbor?

Too bad for you if you answered in the negative, because President Obama is bringing Affirmative Action to a neighborhood near you with the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH).

He is assembling the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to implement his plan by financially rewarding targeted communities to make their neighborhoods more diverse.

So maybe this is what is coming to a neighborhood near you soon thanks to Obama's policies...

From the youtube description:

For 6 years, the White Family owned the downstairs condominium. Then, the Large Black Woman moved-in upstairs with her two kids and mother (Section 8 Government-Subsidized Housing). Right away, they started abusing the White Family. The Black Family disturbed their sleep by throwing heavy items on the floor (12 AM - 7 AM). During the day, the Black Family continued to harass the White Family. Several times, the Black Woman's muscular relative attacked them (once with a knife!) When the White Family called police, the Black Woman always claimed THEY were abusing her! For protection, the White Family was forced to carry a video camera at all times. On this day, the Black Woman lost control and exploded. The video camera saved the white men from jail. They remained calm and would not respond to her provocations. But if they struck back, the Black Woman would cry victim of abuse and have the men arrested. A few months later, the White Family sold their condominium and moved very far away. But the Black Family remained. Chicago suburbs, USA.

Meanwhile Obama, rather than fix our economy, or perform his duties protecting our nation from ISIS, or calming the Black Lives Matter situation down, he now plans to dabble in where you live. What you see in the video is a prelude to what he has in mind in terms of ethnic diversity across the nation.

Some neighborhoods, school clicks, even parties, are more homogeneous in terms of race, money, or age of family than others. There is nothing wrong with this-it’s natural and it is our freedom of choice to live wherever we want. As with most things that characterize any aspect of the America freedoms that define us, President Obama, does not like this, so he has set a course to change it.

His plans to control our lives, cradle-to-grave, are quickly coming to fruition, courtesy of a nation half-filled with stupid people who voted the man into office, twice.

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