Hostage situations occur daily around the world but they are nothing to laugh at. More often than not, some of the hostages are wounded or killed and it's a difficult situation for police officers to manage.

It's that level of difficulty that makes what happened in Irving, Texas during a hostage situation so amazing.

An armed gunman entered a Cash Store in Irving and proceeded to rob the store at gunpoint. One quick-thinking employee hit the emergency alarm which immediately called police officers to the scene.

The gunman, upon seeing that the police had surrounded the building and that he had no clear path to escape grabbed a woman from inside the store to use as a buffer between him and police officers waiting outside.

Unfortunately for the gunman, one of the police officers outside of the store waiting for the situation to unfold was an unnamed officer who is a crack shot.

When the situation revealed itself to be a hostage situation with the gunman using the woman as a shield for himself, this officer reacted. He quickly aimed and then fired, hitting the gunman in the head without hurting the woman.

A spokesperson for the Irving Police Department said that the two officers who responded on the scene had to act quickly to avoid a hostage situation. He also praised them as heroes.

"The two officers were here quickly, within minutes and were able to engage the suspect They couldn’t let him leave with the hostage."

In today's frenetic and media-hyped world, it can be easy to see the police as aggressors and violent. Black Lives Matter and other progressive groups have been gradually whittling away at the integrity of the police departments across America and fewer people than ever have faith in their police.

But this situation should remedy some of that angst. By avoiding a hostage situation in Texas, these officers proved that they are highly skilled, highly qualified, and that America is safe as long as we keep police in a place where they can protect us.

h/t: Daily Caller

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