Chaos is spreading across America and people like the Black Lives Matter thugs are singling out whites and rioting and looting in the streets. In today's liberal America, most Americans are horrified to fight back or even say anything to stop the chaos and violence for fear that they will be labeled a racist or called a bigot.

Luckily, there is one group of country boys who aren't afraid to fight back and defend themselves. They made good use of their jacked up truck to dole out a nasty surprise to a group of unruly protestors.

They made sure to use a special little trick called "Rollin' Coal" to show these protestor how they feal about the chaos that they are creating. It's a trick that any diesel truck diver if very familiar with.

If you tweak the engine into using more gas than it needs it erupts a massive plume of black smoke out of the tail pipe. Too bad for this one group of protestors on the side of the road in Hagerstown, Maryland they were about to learn a whole lot more about "Rollin' Coal" than they ever expected.

The protesters were upset about what the fact that a 15 year old girl in the town ran her bike into a car and damaged the vehicle. Then, when police arrived instead of cooperating and complying with the officer's requests, she assaulted them and they had to mace her to subdue her.

Apparently if you are subdued after assaulting a police officer that's considered "abusing a child."

Many of the local residents were naturally very fed up with the rampant misguided protests. "Troublemaker" Aaron Gettel told how he and a few of his buddies with diesel trucks drove down the street with all the protesters to give them a nice redneck surprise.

"I like when there’s white people at a Black Lives Matter protest," Gettel says as he narrates his drive. At minute 1:20 is when the action kicks off. Gettel and his friends pull up next to the protesters, who are clearly infuriated by their presence.

They immediately started throwing bottles and things at the truck drivers. That's when Gettel and his country boy buddies decided to toss something back and blow smoke in their faces, literally.

It may not have been the most PC way to deal with the situation but it certainly got the message across. These people need to understand that if they're going to keep rioting, looting, and setting cities and cars on fire then they're going to get some major blowback.

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Source: Mad World News



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