A young girl in Detroit walked into a police station in the city. Without having any idea why the girl had come in, one cop overheard her make a surprising request. After seeing what was just behind the cop immediately grabbed what few officers were nearby and sprung into action.

Detroit has become overrun with violence and depravity, where thugs outnumber police officers. With the recent unrest from the Black Lives Matter movement with a target on cops’ lives, this particular police department is on high alert, bracing themselves for the next wave of racist attacks. So when a 9-year-old African-American girl walked in the front door, they weren’t sure what she was doing there, until she made a sudden announcement and cops saw what was in her sack.

Saturday was Samya McLaughlin birthday, but she wasn’t spending it at home or at a park with a cake, presents, and friends. She was standing in the lobby of the police station doing something else, with the help of her parents who were right behind her.

The 9-year-old girl had been watching the news recently with her grandmother and saw the horror unfold in Dallas. Her family didn’t shield her from the reality of the world we live in today, sincerely answering her questions about why so many people who look like her are attacking cops who protect us. This didn’t sit well with Samya who canceled her birthday plans to celebrate the day by doing something incredible to show the cops that their lives matter.

Mad World News has the full story.



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