In order to combat the terrible tensions surround America's black community and the police officers in this nation one group of officers attempted to bring everyone together and help ease the anger and violence that has plagued our nation lately. A few officers in Oakland, California decided to organize a barbecue and opened the invitation for anyone to come join them. Instead of getting the positive response that they expected a few black lives matter thugs had something very different to say. Their 8 word response is absolutely sickening.

It's clear to see what the hateful language and messages directed at our police force from people like Obama and Sharpton and even Beyoncé has done to our country. Race relations have deteriorated so bad now that some of these hateful thugs, especially among the black lives matter movement have taken these ideas to the extreme and committed extreme acts of violence and even murdering our police officers.

Now many officers all over the country are trying to ease the tensions and stop the violence by doing the civilized thing, talking, something most of these BLM protestors know nothing about.

The Oakland Police Union organized a barbecue to do exactly that, talk, and they made sure to open the barbecue to the public for everyone to join in the discussion and help mend the battered race relations that we all face right now.

Despite the well intentions peace offering some BLM thugs decided to respond to this gesture in a typical BLM fashion, with one vile 8 word response. Karissa Lewis, a self proclaimed "radical black farmer" and active BLM protestor had this message for the police of Oakland, "I eat pigs — I don’t eat with them."

This just goes to show that these people don't want to fix any problems or improve race relations, particularly between police and the black community, all they want is more violence and chaos with none of the responsibility.

They are totally happy murdering police and committing violent crimes and the second an officers shoots a black person breaking the law and endangering others it becomes the officer's fault and he is automatically labeled as a racist.

They don't actually want equality. They want to replace what they see as 'racism' with their own form of brutal and blunt racism that we have become accustomed to as of late. They use hate and fear in order to advance their own backwards racist political agenda. Sound familiar? Maybe they've taken a page from ISIS's playbook.

In light of recent events, it would not be surprising if Lewis is arrested for her comments. It is still unclear as to if they were a direct threat or not but it is clear to see how they could be perceived as such and with the type of behavior these BLM thugs have been carrying out you shouldn't put it past them.

Regardless of if it was a direct threat or an ironic remark the idea that she would
"devour one's enemies" is the exact type of violent and dangerous rhetoric that only works to worsen race relations and paints police as the enemy, which is not at all the case.

It's time that we as a country begin to realize that preaching this sort of hate in the media and during protests only makes this situation worse and perpetuates the problem. More violence directed at police only leads to more police killing violent perpetrators

We need to come together and stop this senseless violence. The police are here to protect us and the more and more BLM protestors advance this violent campaign against the police force the more justified police shootings this country will have to see not to mention the senseless killing of innocent officers trying to keep every one of us safe.

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Source: Mad World News


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