Sometimes there are just no words to describe the utter lunacy that appears to be manifesting itself across the nation.

Fortunately, this moron-virus appears to be confined to the movement among the idiotic masses who believe it is their life’s goal to antagonize police officers.

Such was the case with a self-described Hispanic man who thought it would be an awesome idea to get himself rolled by our men and women in blue.

Perhaps he was hoping to get himself bagged and tagged as some sort of martyr for whatever his cause is.

He failed in his goal, and in that we can thank our awesome cops of street beats nationwide who have to put up with far too much of this behavior on a daily basis.

Mr. Hispanic decided to strike up a “conversation” with two male officers. Of course his version of dialogue is reminiscent of someone with a bad case of Tourette’s, filled with profane language and gestures.

Clearly the officers are dealing with a master bi-lingual of both the spoken and symbolized word. The guy eventually wears himself out and resorts to asking for badge numbers.

The cops offer a close up. They go so far as to offer him a ride-along (seriously, no joke), and a job application.

Being the loser he actually is, he turned them down on. He already has a job--being a thug agitator with “better s*** to do.”

Enjoy the flick!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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