Homeless folks are those we look the other way from. They make us feel uncomfortable. While there are those who suffer from mental illness, are scammers, or want to be homeless, there are plenty who don’t. Yet, people tend to lump them all into one category.

Take the homeless man in Phoenix, Arizona. We do not know which category he falls into, but we can eliminate scammer from the list.

The gentleman, because that is how all homeless people should first be viewed until proven otherwise—ladies and gentleman, was minding his who business. He was stopped at a gas station and was making patrons uncomfortable. Pandering? Mere presence?

Needless to say, someone called the cops. They arrived and Officer Mark Valenzuela took one look at the man and went into action. The homeless man lacked shoes. His feet were battered and raw. He was at the gas station because he could walk no farther.

Officer Valenzuela retrieved shoes and socks he happened to have on him. Like the story in the Bible, of the washing of the feet of Christ, Valenzuela knelt before the man and dressed his feet in a humble showing of man taking care of fellow man.

The gentleman attempted to pay for the shoes. A homeless person, living off of the spare-change generosity of those, tried to offer what little he had to Valenzuela.

The office declined, of course, and told the gentleman the shoes were a “gift from God.”

How humbling. We could all learn from Valenzuela and the homeless gentleman in terms of the grace and humility we should all be showing to each other.

Source: Mad World News

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