As the Black Lives Matter movement gains recognition and support from the Democrat Party and the Obama White House, its tactics have grown more brazenly threatening against even the journalists covering news events.

When a reporter tried to film crowd gathered at the Ferguson, Missouri police department chanting obscenities about the police, Black Lives Matter (BLM) members turned on him as the scene was captured on his body camera.

One of the members carried an American flag upside down leading the graphic chant as others joined in.

An unidentified black man accosted the reporter, coming within inches of his face, demanding to know if the reporter “had a card.” The reporter responded that he did not, the protestor told him to “stop filming.”

The body camera captured the confrontation as the protester drew closer to the reporter’s face and repeated, “I’m asking you nice,” several times, then eventually saying, “If I have to ask again, I’m going to smack you.”

The reporter gave in after the threat of physical violence, and stopped filming the scene in front of the police station, but his body camera continued to record the situation.

Ferguson was the site of the August 2014 shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer. The Black Lives Matter movement was quick to leap upon the situation and staged demonstrations that turned into riots in the small, predominantly black neighborhood within the city of St. Louis.

The movement gained notoriety after demonstrating in other cities where black suspects had been killed in confrontations with white police officers.

Although the Democratic National passed a resolution supporting the BLM in August, the group has targeted politicians from both parties in the past several months.

BLM protestors interrupted speeches by Bernie Sanders and former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination and erupted into boos when O’Malley said, “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was interrupted by BLM members in October when she was giving a speech on criminal justice reform and race at Atlanta University Center.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, also a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination was also targeted by the group.

Donald Trump has said he will “fight” if BLM interferes with one of his speeches.


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