Steven Crowder. There’s a name we should all recognize. The guy is near legendary in terms of his humorous takes on societal goings on. It is helpful to our side of the aisle that he also happens to be a conservative.  

His latest observation, via Louder with Crowder,  is relayed in Schoolhouse Rock sing-along style, and features, “I’m Just a Bill Who Wants to be a Jill,” the transgender edition.

The androgynous little Bill really has to go pee (and #2). 

He hopes and prays the North Carolina legislature will make his dreams of sitting on a far too-low of a toilet covered by a stick-to-your-skin tissue seat-protector crammed right up next to an overflowing feminine products receptacle and empty toilet paper roll become reality (all that detail is not relayed, but you get the picture).

The irony of safe-spaces for all, minus impressionable children of the opposite sex, is not lost on Crowder or those of us who have brains.

“Bill” is really pee-ed off that the State legislature wants those who have outties to use the boys’ bathroom and those with innies use the powder room, so he will sick the ACLU on anyone who has a problem with Bill/Jill/ and potty-ing “at-will.”

Those NC haters. Those gender moral freakshows who respect DNA and chromosomal assignment and do not believe in “non-binary” sex and “gender fluid” whims.

It would be wrong to give too much more away. So, come on everybody! Watch the video and sing-along!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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