It would seem only logical and “legal”, that driving a motor vehicle on a paved highway should be reserved “ONLY” for motor vehicles…and surprisingly it is. Apparently however this is all news to the Black Lives Matter crowd or perhaps phrasing it more accurately “the mob”.

And so when the “media darlings” and “love birds”, Alexis Templeton, 21 and Brittany Ferrell, 26, celebrity protesters and a part of the “Black Lives Matter Campaign”, decide to block I-70 near the Blanchette Bridge in Missouri, bad thinks happen.

Such as an unsuspecting car suddenly being blocked and surrounded by screaming people, banging on your car: and a crazed Templeton reaching inside your vehicle and punching you in the head, while “love bird” Ferrell begins kicking in the vehicle.

And for their efforts both are being charged, Templeton on third degree assault charges, and Ferrell for causing at least $5000 in damage and with felony property damage.

This video shows the damage inflicted to the driver’s side door by the kick, allegedly from Ferrell. At the very beginning of the video, you can see Ferrell, in gray top bringing her leg down from having kicked the car.

It seems obvious that this marauding group of agitators is simply looking for trouble when you randomly block traffic on a highway, luckily no one was seriously injured in this unprovoked attack; however it doesn’t take a crystal ball to realize that someone will get seriously injured if this nonsense continues.

Fox news footage of the incident

Photos of Templeton (woman in red):



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