Recently, the Young Americans of Liberty (YAL), at the University of Missouri, joined together to form the “Missouri University Coalition for those Killed by ISIS.” This venture was to educate students as to what ISIS is all about, and how our country is financing weaponry for terror, against us, with our tax money;

“US Middle East Policy has led to the rise of radical Islam in the countries in which we have toppled secular dictators. Not only that, but ISIS has risen to power on the back of US Taxpayers.”

The University, which in all likelihood would not have batted an eye at the US flag being torched, attempted to get YAL president, Ian Paris, to not set fire to the ISIS flag.

Paris refused and said that fear of ISIS is EXACTLY why our freedom of speech to burn the terror group’s flag was necessary. He also said,

“While I sympathize with the innocent citizens of Syria and their plight, I am disgusted, appalled, and downright infuriated that the weapons that you and I have paid for are being used to methodically execute not just Jews, not just Christians, but hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims throughout the Middle East.”

So where were the moderate Muslims during all of this? Not standing arm-in-arm with the students who are supporting their freedoms, and rallying against ISIS. They refused to attend. While they agree with the methods, they don’t agree with the violent approach.

Seriously. They see burning the flag of the evil spawn trying to wipe out even their “moderate” selves as “violent.” Perhaps a field trip to their homeland is in order so they can see what real violence is all about.

Burning the ISIS flag should be a national event to demonstrate our nation fears no one.

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