Conservatives have been warning about the risk of letting in Muslim refugees onto American soil but Obama had none of it. Now Obama is going to have to eat his words after what this CNN reporter just exposed this horrifying reality.

Exactly as expected liberals came after us calling us racist and bigoted for these very real concerns. Maybe they should have actually listened to Trump and the rest of us tried to prepare against the impending dangers.

This CNN reporter just blew the roof of the situation reporting that Islamic State militants have been disguising themselves as refugees in order to gain entry to other countries and carry out acts of terror.

"ISIS can be among the illegal immigrants on the boats. They travel with their families, without weapons as normal illegal immigrants. They will wear American dress and have English language papers so they cause no suspicion," explained Ismail al-Shukri who is a commander in the Libyan Immigration Police.

Nick Paton Walsh, CNN's senior international correspondent joined police just outside of Tripoli while they conducted a raid of a warehouse in search of ISIS fighter. He spoke to people who said that ISIS fighters had been disguising themselves as refugees and hiding amongst groups of migrants en route to Europe.

Top Libyan immigration officials say "the threat is real." One smuggler in the nearby area only confirmed this horrifying statement to the CNN reporter.

The smuggler claims that members of ISIS have been coming to European ports by means of ferries 'frequently.'

It's not too hard to see this one coming and Conservatives everywhere have been warning about it since the beginning. However, our current president has not only completely disregarded our cries, he has called them racist and xenophobic against Muslims, and now when something like this comes out he is utterly silent.

I think it's about time that we get someone like Trump in office who knows very real the dangers that this country faces and is not afraid to take the necessary precautions against them.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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