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When isn’t CCN not rude?

For that matter when is host Chris Cuomo not stupid?

While there is plenty of debate to be had regarding temporarily shutting down our border to every immigrant from everywhere, to limiting such a shutdown of immigration to that of individuals from radicalized Islamic spawning ground, there is no place for a wannabe journalist to pretend to be an immigration and terrorism expert.

Cuomo tried to tell Trump that the French were not living in fear and they weren’t suggesting to ban Muslims.

Did he miss where the French government closed their border, raided thousands of people's properties, and shut down mosques?

Then, he called Trump’s proposed temporary ban on immigrants from Muslim countries, “stupid.”

Trump, quick on his feet, pointed out the obvious;

“We are at war. Why do we insist on destroying our country?”

Why indeed.

Source: Qpolitical


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