It isn’t the first time CNN has been caught trying to manipulate viewers, but it’s important to call it out every time just so they know they aren’t fooling everyone.

Decades ago, CNN was a bona fide news source, with Gen. Schwarzkopf admitting that he got important information about the enemy’s location and numbers from watching it during the Gulf War.

But that was decades ago, and now CNN is more newsworthy for creating news rather than covering it.

Last spring, following an ISIS terror attack in London, liberals needed to respond to valid criticism from some sources about “moderate” Muslims failing to condemn such attacks, so… lacking any real protests to report on, decided to create one.

When video caught CNN actually staging a protest at the London Bridge, supplying made-to-order “Muslim Mums” in complete black get-up, signs, and directions, the network was officially “outed” as nothing more than a liberal tool, rather than the news organization it once was.

More recently, CNN’s Anderson Cooper was reporting live when a man raced behind the “shot” yelling, “CNN is fake news!”

Now, the latest example shows CNN trying to represent the single location site of a live report as two by using a split screen.

Split screens are used to allow reporters or interviewees to appear on the television screen at the same time when they are in different locations – sometimes from different states or countries.

CNN was attempting to use the split screen to imply they had reporters on the ground in two different locations.

A glitch in the plan occurred when a bicyclist rode behind the reporters of both shots being shown on screen.


It seems the two reporters were standing next to each other in the same location.

It’s a total fraud, another attempt to mislead the viewers – to create the news, shape and package it, sell it to the viewers all in an effort to push its liberal agenda and sell advertising.

There’s nothing genuine or real about it – the only question remaining is why anyone would bother to watch it.

Are you concerned that mainstream media, like CNN, continues to manufacture news to fool some members of the viewing public?

h/t: 100 percent fed up

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