Sally Perdue, one of Bill Clinton's many affairs has a whole lot to say about Bill and his strange bedroom habits, but what is even more surprising is what she had to say about Hillary...

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Sally Perdue, better known as former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller, was 44 when then-Gov. Bill Clinton regularly came through her open front door for romantic liaisons. He was 37.

She used to find it funny when he slipped on her nightgown and danced around the room, playing his sax. She has never forgotten how it once made her laugh.

During their affair in 1983, this was the usual fare, according to an exclusive interview with the U.K. Daily Mail.

According to Sally, Clinton’s lovemaking was largely a forgettable act. However, the extraordinary aspect of the affair wasa Bill’s willingness to divulge secrets about his wife, now Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Now, 33 years later, Miller has reportedly been preparing a tell-all memoir. She told the Daily Mail that it will divulge a plethora of unguarded conversations, including Hillary Clinton’s apparent preference for female companionship.

More importantly, it will expose the Democrat establishment’s alleged campaign to stifle Miller for decades. Apparently they have been harassing her incessantly, attempting to discredit her — to the point where she said she even feared for her own life.

Now 77, Miller took to social media recently to make sure that if she died by “suicide,” no one should believe it. That’s how serious she thinks the situation is.

She has insisted that she has been stalked, spied upon and bombarded with anonymous phone calls since word of her memoir leaked, and she has become convinced that Hillary Clinton is behind a plot to silence her.

“She doesn’t care what I say about Bill, that’s old news,” Miller said. “But I think she wonders what Bill told me. I think she wonders how much I know about her that came from Bill. With the election coming up she can’t afford any sort of loose end.

“She’s the closest thing you can imagine to Al Capone,” Miller added. “I don’t think she is going to rest until she puts me to rest.”

Source: Mad World News

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