“You know, I came to Las Vegas in, I think, May, early may. Met with a group of DREAMers. I wish everybody in America could meet with these young people, to hear their stories, to know their incredible talent, their determination, and that's why I would go further than even the executive orders that President Obama has signed when I'm president,”

Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate (10-13-2015 debate)

Wonderful. It is not enough to have had Obama destroy our economy, take us into WWIII, allow thousands of illegal alien children into our country, protect 4-million more illegal aliens, out of 11-million+ from getting kicked out, and weigh down an already broken social services and immigration system, by inviting in even more from the Middle East, “refugees,” but now we have Hillary Clinton shrieking about how she will do even more. Yaaaay!

Yes, Hillary Clinton will go further to shackle our nation to the demands of illegal aliens, and their children, than our current president. She will utterly destroy our economy by bringing in more welfare-based Democrat voters and place those new voters on the cradle-to-grave dole that will be paid for by her willingness to tax the rest of us to our hairlines.

Nowhere in that diatribe was her support of our nation, our citizens, and how she plans on making our world a better place.


She doesn’t care. She never has and she never will, and conservatives better step it up this election because it might be our last chance to save our country.

Source: CNS News

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