Hillary Clinton is at it again, and doing what she does best—lying. According to Mrs. Clinton, Trump,

“..is becoming ISIS's best recruiter. They [Trump’s ‘discriminatory messages’] are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.”

As opposed to the videos of Hillary herself being broadcast nationwide so as to recruit more idiots to her voting block.

Donald Trump, always one to get right to his point, took to Twitter and simply stated;
“Hillary Clinton Lied.”

Her attack on Trump was followed up on-the-sly by ABC’s “This Week,” hosts who never miss an opportunity to try and corner The Donald. Jonathan Karl, for what it’s worth, points out that Mrs.

Clinton and her crew have yet to back up her statement. Clinton pal, George Stephanopoulos, asked whether Trump was going to stand by his response in calling Hillary a liar.

Seriously. Clinton makes an accusation that she does not and cannotback up. She’s called out on it by the person the claim was levied against.

The person doing the calling out is asked to back themselves up in self-defense?

Trump said, yes he is standing by his retort.

“It was vetted. They went to The Washington Post. Fox News went out in great detail and looked for it and there's no such video. And they may make one up, knowing the Clintons and knowing Hillary, but there's no, there's nobody. She just made it up. I mean she made it up. It was a sound bite.”

When Clinton’s group got around to responding to requests to “prove it,” Clinton Communications Director, Jennifer Palmieri, couldn’t. There is no “particular video,” no “specific video,” but that “he is being used in social media.”

It’s quite entertaining to read Ms. Palmieri’s response.

Source: CNS News


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