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There is no denying that Americans are extremely concerned about the threat of terrorism, especially after the bloodbath in Paris.

The national polls have shown an overwhelming shift in America’s attitude towards the unbridled influx of Syrian refugees, and favoring an immediate pause in allowing them into the country.

However this administration isn’t concerned about the well-being and safety of Americans, as much as it is in pushing a reckless and dangerous policy, and perhaps that’s why more and more Americans are taking matters into their own hands.

A group calling itself the Bureau on American-Islamic Relations, or BAIR, gathered outside an Irving, Texas, mosque on Saturday, armed with AR-15s and claiming they were protesting “the Islamization of America”, and the continued influx of Syrian refugees in the face of the brutal attacks in Paris which left 130-dead.

According to KDFW-TV, the group picketing outside the Islamic Center of Irving numbered about 15. One carried a placard that said “Solution to Islamic terrorism,” with an arrow pointing to another protester, an armed man in fatigues.

“We are here protesting Syrian refugees coming to America, protesting the Islamization of America,” said David Wright, BAIR spokesman.

Wright continued; “I think the popular belief is, people are scared. They’re scared to say anything about it. They’re scared to come out to a place like this and stand in front of a mosque and protest Islam.”

Watch the video below:

Source: Conservative Tribune


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