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There may be some “brain-matter” between the ears of inner city African-Americans, or at least those in Chicago.

Paul McKinley, a community activist from Obama’s hometown of Chicago has realized that the problems that are facing Chicago have not been created by the Tea Party or the Republican Party because neither of those organizations are represented in his communities.

And after almost 8-years of Obama in the White House, and decades of corrupt Democratic control McKinley and many other black community leaders are beginning to finally come to the realization that the rise in unemployment and seeing crime skyrocket, despite the strict gun control laws that Democrats wanted, and the Obama Administration targeting police officers, and making them fearful of doing their jobs, and enforcing the law.

“He’s going to go down as being one of the worst presidents ever.” McKinley committed.

 Members of the black community are finally speaking out against the president, and the Democrat Party’s failed policies that have hurt their communities. Community member, Jean Ray, said; "Democrat policies have, “hurt this community because they feel like they can just take us for granted, and that we’ll just vote Democratic anyway, but if there was a Republican out here doing what I feel he should be doing, I’d vote for him.”

It’s no accident that Democrats are attempting to import thousands of illegal aliens into the country, they’re aware of the growing anger and deflections within the black community, and are looking to create another entitlement group.

“This is where it all started at, right here.”

“Yes we can.”

“Do you like broken homes?”

“Yes we can.”

“Do you like broken communities?”

“Yes we can.”

“Do you like broken families?”

“Yes we can.”



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